Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking back...

by Jay O'Toole

The Past, the Present, and What Comes,
have fans of each their own,
For those who live in other times,
seem odd near what is known!

The past seems great to those who love,
the simple, fresh-air life,
The present trudges and it moves,
through joys and many strifes!

The future is the way that glows,
with Hope's potential grace,
It carries blessings that should grow...
we think, "A wondrous place!"

I've heard it said that "Future Shocks"
so much that human minds,
Pull back to cherish...daily "Box,"
and the left behind!

We see that terms of time are verbal,
when they are expressed,
"The Future's tense, the Present's stable,
The Past is Perfect and best!"

Yet backward looks will cause defeat,
for those who fail to see,
That Time will never call, "Retreat!"
Thus forward it will be!

(Thank you Sans for supplying the poem!)