Thursday, February 18, 2010


1/18th scale CARS
A project I am doing with my son, Xander.


  1. I have once sung for a man who had a lovely Ferrari. What I will never forget, is not the car;At the end of the show he told me he didn't have enough to pay me...can you believe it?

    Your son must be happy to work on this project with you.

  2. Oh Patricia! That is irony indeed.

    Yes, my son is really enjoying this.

  3. I just want to let you know that I bought a Ferrari racing car in Milan, Italy! Yes, no other than the Ferrari shop itself. What a ridiculously expensive present it was for my 4 year old nephew. No, not Xander, the other one, Nathaniel. The one who loves cars. How am I going to explain to him that the 1:48 Euro40 car is meant to remain in the box and not for crashing? By the way, can you tell me why boys (since you have a son) love crashing cars so much? Why are they so bent on destruction? lol